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Gold Chain Repair & Buy a Watch

3 Ways to Look After Your Gold Jewelry

If you own a fine piece of jewelry, you’re probably cautious about wearing it to particular places. Whether white or yellow, gold jewelry is one of the most dainty and beautiful metals out there.

Ladies and men, both gush over gold.
However, to ensure that your gold is always looking its best, you have to maintain it, get it polished regularly, and look after it diligently. If you’re stressing about your gold jewelry, then here are 3 easy to keep it shiny.

Soak it
The most basic cleaning tip for gold is to soak it for a few hours, and then lightly scrub it with a soft brush. This way, the dampness will easily rub off all the stains from the gold. You can even try alcohol, which is a great gold cleanser.

Take it to a Jewelry Expert
If you don’t want to experiment with your jewelry, you can simply take it to a jewelry expert. A professional who has experience in gold chain repair, cleaning, and maintenance can easily transform your jewels back to brand new.

Always Store in a Jewelry Box

Gold shouldn’t be left out in the air, otherwise it will oxidize and develop stains. The best way to store is by keeping it safe in a jewelry box. You can consult a professional on what kind of box will suit your jewels and how you should store it.

Horology Watch and Jewelry
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