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Watch Batteries & Watch Battery Replacement Near Me

4 Signs That Indicate Your Watch Needs a Battery Replacement

Watches are items of daily use. They help us keep track of time and organize our daily activities. Over time, your watch may show signs of malfunction or erratic movements that could be due to the batteries going flat.

Here are four ways how you can tell that your watch batteries need to be replaced.

The Second Hand on Your Watch Has Started to Skip Intervals of a Few Seconds


If the second hand starts jumping a few seconds (usually 4-5 seconds intervals), it is an indication of low power on your watch battery. The Alarm, Digital Display or Lights Have Stopped Functioning If the alarm is showing any abnormal behavior or the display and lights on your digital watch are beginning to fade, it’s time for you to get your watch batteries replaced. Digital watches also have other features that may stop working with time and require battery replacement.

Your Watch Is Losing or Gaining Time
Quartz watches are known to keep perfect time due to their extremely accurate movements. Losing or gaining up to 6 seconds a day is normal but if your watch goes faster or slower than that, there may be a problem with the batteries.

Your Watch Has Completely Stopped Running
A watch that has stopped completely usually means that the battery has been drained out. In that case, you should get the watch batteries replaced without any delays. A depleted battery if left inside the watch can start leaking and cause further damage to the watch.

Get Your Watch Batteries Replaced by Horology Watch and Jewelry
If you’re looking for a watch battery replacement in Los Angeles, CA, head to Horology Watch and Jewelry. Our experts are known to provide reliable services delivered in a professional and timely manner.

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